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Building Dreams
Blessing People

Virginia  - Class A Contractor - 2705184777
Distric of Columbia - 410524000042

Build Properties builds custom homes and house renovations. Custom home from design to end product mostly in house. In renovation work we specialize in keeping what is working and adding "the new" in harmony with the existing making an old tired house look like a brand new home. We do this because we believe not all houses are tear downs but good looking ones that could look better!

As certified by Andersen Windows and Doors we specialize in windows, doors and patio doors air-tied and waterproofing by managing water away from the property

Renovations of Kitchen, Bathrooms, Open space concept, Basement, Roof & Siding and Flagstone Patios 

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Our approach is simple, everyone is unique and your house should reflect that beauty that makes you unique. We build new custom homes - Unique renovations - Quality and top finishing with style is our signature. Every deal is more than just a transaction to us, it is where we create a real experience that connects your dreams and expectations with the final product that can be your custom home, renovation, patio, kitchen you name it. The quality of work, focus driven team, advise, insight we do goes beyond ourselves touching lives around us and that is what matters the most to us. With all the new technology and innovation we are proud in building healthier and durable homes.  Our objective is to bring transformation with exceptional results transcending into blessings to all involved in the process.

   Building Dreams and Blessing people!

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Our goal at Build Properties Corporation, is through our quality work and dedication to leave your house with a greater equity value than we started. When you hire us, we will leave you with a better kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, patio, a healthier living space that you can be proud of it. We do answer to higher Authority therefore our quality and attention to detail is unparalleled.  

Must be a  win-win!

Property Additions to create space and better living

Renovations that brings your dreams to life

New Quality Custom Houses 

New Developments

  • Creating healthier spaces by renovating with new trends or technology or by adding a new concept or addition we love to bring your dreams to life!

  • Our company brings you from concept to landscaping all done in house by and team 

  • Specialized team is well focus in quality work  - renovations or new homes - bringing the right value proposition to new level of quality homes

  • Working with full transparency – we are not here just for ourselves

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